film opening

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film opening by Mind Map: film opening

1. narrative

1.1. characters

1.1.1. Connor He's an average man who's trying to earn an honest living for himself by working at the local shops.

1.2. story line

1.2.1. Connor is coming home after a long shift and he has to walk through a narrow alley way to get home. He suspects he's followed so he checks behind to find no ones there so he continues on walking, but as soon as he turns a dark figure knocks him out leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

2. Mise En Scene

2.1. Location

2.1.1. Alley way of Frome Close

2.2. Props

2.2.1. A rucksack and a mallet

2.3. Lighting

2.3.1. Natural lighting

2.4. Costume

2.4.1. Casual work

2.5. Figure Expression

2.5.1. Connor- He turns to slightly concerned when believes someone up behind him with a slight worry on his face. The Dark figure is unknown on facial expression, but from the way his body position is his poised to attack someone.

3. Cinematography

3.1. Shots

3.1.1. Long, Medium and Close

3.2. Movement

3.2.1. Pan

3.3. Angle

3.3.1. Eye Level

4. Diegetic Sound

4.1. Footsteps, Connor Speaking, thumping of the mallet, Connor falling on the ground and being dragged away.

5. Non- Diegetic

5.1. A slow quiet build up with increasing sound and as soon as Connor is knocked out there is a big dramatic noise.