Robotics and AI in our life

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Robotics and AI in our life by Mind Map: Robotics and AI in our life

1. Pros

1.1. They are fast

1.2. They are independent

1.3. They can access inaccessible places

1.4. They are accurate

1.5. They are enduring

1.6. They can be used repetitively

1.7. They do not need breaks

1.8. They can operate in harsh conditions effectively

1.9. They can do what people are unwilling to do

1.10. They save time

2. Cons

2.1. Robots need power to work

2.2. They create unemployment

2.3. They are expensive to maintain

2.4. They cannot solve a crisis

2.5. They can be dangerous

2.6. They do not know when to stop

2.7. Risk Of Loss Of Important Data