My Film Opening

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My Film Opening by Mind Map: My Film Opening

1. Characters

1.1. Myself

1.1.1. Mum Dad Friend

2. Plot

2.1. Main character goes to sleep at night. He has a nightmare. Wakes up thinking it was all only a dream. Opens door and all his nightmares come alive to get him.

3. Diegesis

3.1. Non Diegetic Sounds - Tense Music Crescendoing.

3.2. The sound will consist of lots of screaming and heavy breathing. I want the viewer to feel like they are the person running away from all these nightmares.

3.3. Diegetic Sound - Screams, Heavy Breathing, Evil Laughing.

4. Editing

4.1. Editing will be done on photoshop. I want to make the cuts to start off slow, then gradually speed up until the pace of the scenes are really short, fast and tense.

5. Mise en Scene

5.1. The main focus of the shot will either be the character running away from all these nightmares, or the actual 'things' chasing my main character.

6. Setting

6.1. My House

6.2. Bedroom

6.3. Garden

6.4. Hallway

6.5. Kitchen

7. Conventions

7.1. Vampires

7.1.1. Blood

7.2. Zombies

7.2.1. Knives

7.3. Suspense - You never know what is going to happen next.

7.4. Gore

7.5. Dead Bodies

8. Cinematography

8.1. My camera movements will consist of dolly shots, follow shots (handheld), panning shots and zoom.

8.2. I need to make sure my lighting is well conducted because i want to film at night which will involve dim lighting and a flash camera.