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Aphasia by Mind Map: Aphasia

1. Diagnostic criteria: Memory Impairment (short and long), Impairment in Cognitive Skills (abstract thought), Presence of Aphasia, Apraxia, or Agnosia

2. Types

2.1. Anomia Aphasia

2.2. Wernicke's Aphasia

2.3. Broca's Aphasia

2.4. Global Aphasia

3. Dementia

3.1. Chronic and progressive decline in memory, cognition, language and personality from CNS issues.

3.2. Identification: Vitamin deficieny, Imageing studies like MRI or CT reveal neurological changes. ex) brain lesions and enlarged ventricles.

3.3. Treatment: Theres no cure, but drugs slow down the disease. Speech Language Pathologist are very helpful.

3.4. Characteristics: progressive decline of skills, it all depends on how far disease has progressed.

4. What is aphasia?

4.1. Language disorder is acquired persons have devepoled language competence

4.2. Language disorders following neurological injury

4.3. Types of Strokes

4.3.1. Ischemic

4.3.2. Hemorrhagic

5. TBI (traumatic brain injury)

5.1. Identification

5.1.1. Require advanced medical support

5.1.2. Glascow Coma Scale

5.1.3. Rancho Los Amigos Levels Cognitive Function

5.2. Characteristics

5.2.1. Open Head (tissue in breain has been penetrated), Closed Head (brain jostled in the skull)

5.3. Treatment: Stimulation Treatment

6. Different Disease's

6.1. Alzheimers and Huntington's

7. Actions

7.1. Treatment

7.1.1. What treatment will be most beneficial?

7.1.2. Whats the prognosis for recovery?

7.2. Any referrals to other professionals needed?

7.2.1. Schedule

7.2.2. Budget

7.3. Is aspasia present? if so...

7.3.1. What type of syndrome is indicated by the symptoms and the site of injury?