Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction

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Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction by Mind Map: Adult Lang. Disorders & Cognitive-Based Dysfunction

1. 60-80% of dementia patients have it

1.1. Alzheimer's

1.2. chronic, progressive, brain disease; suffered by 4.5 Americans

2. Delirium- state of temporary but acute mental confusion

3. Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI)- neurological damage to the brain

3.1. Open and Closed

4. Right-Hemisphere Dysfunction(RHD) is damage to right cerebral hemisphere(non dominant).

5. Assesment Processes(in book)

6. Sarah Scott, who has Broca's aphasia.

6.1. SLP and therapists helped her weekly, and she slowly improved with speaking.

6.2. difficult to read and write; memory

7. Huntington's Disease

7.1. Meghan's story and Daniel's

7.2. Takes over the brain and delays speech(fluency), and damage is done to CSN.

8. New node

9. dysphasia, dysgraphia, dysarthria

10. Broca's Aphasia- damage to frontal lobe

10.1. nonfluent, more "expressive"

11. Global aphasia- large/multiple sites of injury. Transcortical Aphasia.

12. Dementia is a chronic, progressive decline in memory-result from CNS dysfunction

12.1. On the video...singing helped dementia patients.

12.1.1. New node

13. Wernicke's Aphasia

13.1. fluent, and more receptive

14. Aphasia is the "abscence of lang."

14.1. It's acquired, not developed.

14.2. Not a psychiatric problem.

14.3. Not a motor speech disorder.