e-learning as a profession?

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e-learning as a profession? by Mind Map: e-learning as a profession?

1. Formal Education / Training allowing a professionalization

1.1. UOC

1.2. Open University

1.3. Columbia (Instructional design)

1.4. Ohio University

1.5. Universities in Paris

1.6. "And many more..."

2. Professional Networks

2.1. Formal professional network

2.1.1. Elearning Guild

2.1.2. ASTD elearning focus

2.2. peer-generated networks

2.2.1. Linked in

2.2.2. Twitter

2.3. Local sub-networks - e.g. UN eLearn Group

3. Expertise requiring specialization

3.1. Specific instructional design

3.2. Specific project management techniques

3.3. Complexity of technologies

3.4. Continous evolution of the field

4. Regulations / Laws applying to the profession or field of expertise

4.1. Regulations of intellecual property

4.2. Accessibility rules and regulations

4.3. Organization specific strategies and regulations

5. Trends justifying a professionalization

5.1. Involvement of more and more actors

5.1.1. Needs in the public sector

5.1.2. Needs in University

5.1.3. Needs in the private sector

5.1.4. Needs in the non fr profit sector

5.2. Technological development

5.2.1. Easier to develop and use

5.2.2. Cheaper

5.2.3. More engaging and effective

5.2.4. New devices (Tablets, smartphones, ultrabooks,...)

5.3. Societal changes

5.3.1. Mass education

5.3.2. lifelong learning

5.3.3. "learning while working"

5.4. Financial aspects

5.4.1. it is an industry of billion of dollar

5.4.2. it has been constantly growing for over a decade

6. Publications, journals and reviews related to the profession or field of expertise

6.1. Professional journals

6.2. Academic journals

6.3. Magazines (e.g. Elearning!)