Opening Film Synopsis

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Opening Film Synopsis by Mind Map: Opening Film Synopsis

1. costume

1.1. Killer

1.1.1. black coat

1.1.2. Black shoes

1.1.3. black hat

1.2. Victim

1.2.1. causal clothes or pyjamas

1.3. Other chacracters

1.3.1. pyjamas

2. Plot

2.1. Opening Plot

2.2. Group of friends on the sofa watching a horror movie on tv...

2.3. of the friends heads into the kitchen to get some sacks to go with the movie...

2.4. ...on the way to the kitchen the friend see the front door is open, closes it continues to the kitchen...

2.5. ... as there getting the snacks the killer enters and kills the friend...

2.6. ...the body is then left in the hall way with blood all around and bloody footprints out the door...

2.7. ...the killer is then seen in al black fleeing from the scene...

2.8. ...the friends then run out and cuts to back.

3. Location

3.1. My House

3.1.1. Front Room

3.1.2. Kitchen

3.1.3. Hall way

3.2. The street

4. Props

4.1. Horror movie DVD cover

4.2. snacks

4.2.1. popcorn

4.3. Blood

5. Horror Genre

6. Sound

6.1. Diogetic

6.1.1. Screams

6.1.2. cup smashes

6.1.3. TV

6.2. Non-Diogetic

6.2.1. Music undicided

7. Settings

7.1. Just hitting dark

8. Mise En Scene

8.1. Decor

8.1.1. Front Room

8.1.2. Kitchen

8.1.3. Hall Way

9. Editing

9.1. I am going to use cuts in my film opning as this this wil help me get from room to room with speed.