College Onboards

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College Onboards by Mind Map: College Onboards

1. College Passive Model/ BB Direct Model

1.1. College to give Students Database BB Database BB will do the campaign

1.1.1. Sort Database based on Stream/ Years/ Interests etc

1.1.2. Launch Event/ Grand Announcement from College

1.1.3. Membership NOT OPEN FOR ALL Only for Pre-qualified students With Passion Who are part of Startups With Startup Aspirations Who are part of Clubs & Communities Who are active participant in activities & events Who are part of IEDCs

1.1.4. Whats your Passion? Campaign - Form/ Email/ Whatsapp

1.1.5. Membership Onboarding Camps New age Career Guidance Camps As previously done mind map

1.1.6. Run Compelling Programmes Internships Project Ideas during Project Seasons - Challenges can be used for this Hiring Opportunities Challenges/ Hackathons Run interesting events Run Courses through the platform Other Earning Opportunities Leaderboards & Recognitions

1.1.7. When they attend - they will have to pay per programme

1.1.8. Next to Pay - Ask Attend For Free/ Discounts and whole lot of benefits, and bloom your dreams, by Choosing to be a Member

1.1.9. Limitations of Non-Members (Free Users) Get only 1 Year of Public Profile view Pay Per Programme, even for Events No Discounts for Any Programmes including Courses

1.1.10. Benefits for College Members 10% Discount on Memberships 18000 per year

1.1.11. Membership Benefits Attend all types of Events, unlimited, for FREE View & Share Full Profile for Lifetime of Membership with platform When they attend courses, they will get 10% discounts, which will be significant amount

1.1.12. Other Compelling elements University & Government Endorsements Company Endorsements Bloom Quotient Requirements by Companies as Pre-Qualifications Job Guarantee with Bloom Quotients Earning Opportunity for Students with Pre-qualified Bloom Quotients and Awesome Credentials in the platform OfferX: More Bloom Quotients as their Employability/ Salary Multiplier, endorsed by Company

1.1.13. College can Organise their internal Events through the platform Get Educators Give Certifcates Issue Learning Credits and Recognise the participants Get Content Manage Programme Revenue Share from every ticket

1.1.14. Other Marketing Gimmicks Compelling Offers for Early Adopters 12000 All inclusive for First 250 from the College Referrals Get 5 New Members and get your membership Free

1.2. College to directly do the campaign and not sharing the database with BB