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I've been here before: Session 1 by Mind Map: I've been here before: Session 1
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I've been here before: Session 1

Step 1

Identify terms and cues

New terms


Step 2

Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

22 yo pregnant lady in her 28 week of 2nd pregnancy complaining of insomnia due to baby movement with normal pregnancy symptoms and +protein and blood in urine

Step 3

Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

problem in the urogenital tract

heptaic abnormality

abnormal living baby

diabetes related to the kidney function in pregnency

abnormal invironment for the baby

nutrition and blood supply

placenta or womb problem

baby is not getting enough protien

GIT problem


veracose vain causing deminished blood supply

underwight or overwight


we should ask about the first pregnancy

lifestyle and diet

immune response

ectopic pregnency

she's holding her urine too much

CV problem

everything is normal

why did she miss the 2 appontments

in which week does the baby move?

what happens from 26-28 weeks of pregnancy

cuses for normal pregnancy symptoms

Step 4

Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

what cuses protein uria

what causes blood in urine

normal physiological changes of pregnency

Step 5

Formulate learning objectives