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1. The year 2112

1.1. People will go into space for their holidays

1.2. Grade 4 students will study what it was like in 2012

1.2.1. Climate change has happened, life is different to how it was

1.2.2. The subjects in schools will be similar, but the content and ideas will be much different to 2012

1.3. Flying cars

1.3.1. Children will think how weird it was to drive around in cars with wheels

1.4. Really, tall buildings

1.4.1. All the buildings seem circular

1.4.2. They must have invented an alternative to elevators by now!

1.5. Currency will be different, maybe even the same for all countries

1.5.1. The countries may be bigger/smaller

1.6. Family sizes will be different

1.7. The food will be different

1.7.1. Everyone will shop online, for groceries and clothes

2. The year 2012

2.1. People go on holidays to other countries and within Australia

2.2. Grade 4 students

2.2.1. Are thinking about what it will be like in 100 years Climate change is happening, we predict what will happen next

2.3. Cars with wheels

2.3.1. Children dream of having cars that fly

2.4. Buildings are relatively small

2.4.1. We use elevators or stairs to get up and down

3. There will be big changes over the next 100 years