Interdisciplinary Studies

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Interdisciplinary Studies by Mind Map: Interdisciplinary Studies

1. The openness of the science (I've found that the science is open for everyone)

1.1. There are no silly questions in science

1.2. In science you can study whatever you want

1.3. Whoever you are in you field of interests and occupation - you can be a scientist and apply your knowledge here

1.4. By fully understanding one topic, you can build on that knowledge in relation to what you already understand.

1.5. You can develop collaboration skills while working with others who have different perspectives

2. The importance of art in science

2.1. great results of the experiments

2.2. the power of art in depression

2.3. the power of art in anxiety

2.4. the great power of music

2.5. you can learn creative solutions to some of today's most challenging problems

3. Meditation has a great impact in some scientific studies

3.1. great results of meditation in working with school children

4. The understanding that the brain is the most complex thing in the world

4.1. For me the most interesting studies are the interdisciplinary ones, because they represent in a broader way the complexity of human brain

4.1.1. It is really interesting to know more about working through different disorders through art and music

4.1.2. I want to know more about genius' brain and investigate the difference of perception with the usual brain I would like to know about the correlation of schizophrenia and art

4.2. The studies about language gave me the understanding of what a great job our brain does every second

5. The great power of music!

5.1. I was excited to know how much music means in our development

6. You learn a lot of new things

6.1. Working with interdisciplinary studies boost your creativity

6.2. Through working with interdisciplinary studies you become knowledgable in different spheres

6.3. I learn how to learn and find the connections between different subjects

6.4. I've learnt how to work with different papers and find the information I need

7. I want my future research to be interdisciplinary for sure!

7.1. I have learnt that it is great when you are interested in many spheres and that here you have the opportunity to apply all your interests and combine them for great results