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4 th DOM conference in Linz, May 14/15 by Mind Map: 4 th DOM conference in Linz, May
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4 th DOM conference in Linz, May 14/15

Key note Alejandro Gutierrez: low carbon urban projects (Arup)

Challenging conventional wisdom

Yes, you can grow and still do not use more energy!

thinking holistically

integrated design and performance assessment - new model: design decisions have an impact

integrated planning

Using resource efficiently/reduce

large scale design

small scale design

Allowing for change

temporary strategies and infrastructure

Monitoring and reporting

ecological footprint

Aiming high

demonstrating advantages

How can the new way of thinking become implemented?

if desirable and ethical at the same time

both bottom-up, top-down because problems are so big!

Nike: solving Complex problems (Marco Morillo)

2 questions to solve complex problems

What should we make

Who are we making it for

A Technologists Approach to Design Thinking (Arnab, Chatterjee, Shell)

Steps: Isolate Problem, Contextualize Problem, Define customer needs, Search for solution, Test,Implement

Managing innovative problem-solving processes

Challenges: Crossing boudaries

known - unknown

discipline (saying yes), creativity (saying no)

routines (rules) - changes (impulses)

planning (efficiency)- improvisation

exploitation (implementation, production, - exploration (search, new ideas)

experts (very little detail, but search solution too small) - non experts, when are you expert and when not, Project: Thesus - Medico: Improved Search for medical images

What tool you use in this particiular situation: what is more suitable: when you are in "discipline" then go to "change"

Greg Van Alstyne: How we learned to pluralize the future? (sLab) Toronto)

Through Scenarios

How to design a conversation!

Difference between Roger Martin and Greg Van Alstyne

Wolfgang Schwaiger (königswieser Network): the promise of linear control versus complex realitities)

complementary approach:

Theory (Robert Bauer)

Kamil Michlewski

Design in Business

Production, from points of difference to point of parity

marketing, same as production

Herb Simons definition implies: everyone is a designer

creating products and services that are both profitable and humanly satisfying

Design thinking

Design praxis

Design attidtude

Design attitude


1. consolidating multidemensional

swinging between sythessis and analysis

reconciling multiple languages and media

2. creating and bringing to life

creative manifesting

rapid protootyping

Neue Idee

Simonetta Carbonara