Rules of Multimedia Development Team by Hazwani and Norsyakira

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Rules of Multimedia Development Team by Hazwani and Norsyakira by Mind Map: Rules of  Multimedia  Development Team  by Hazwani and Norsyakira

1. Subject matter expert

1.1. Someone skilled and knowledgeable in a given topic area

1.1.1. Helps identify background resources for building the content outline

1.1.2. Reviews content design for factual integrity, completeness and educational effectiveness

2. Producer

2.1. Go-To-Market Strategy

2.1.1. Budgets

2.1.2. schedules

2.1.3. team dynamics

2.2. overseeing project timeline & priorities

2.2.1. Communication

2.2.2. documentation

3. Graphic artist

3.1. stylization and presentation of existing text and image

3.1.1. adding any graphic element

3.1.2. Reasonable layout

3.1.3. visual of the structure

4. Creative director

4.1. Responsible for all content of the project

4.1.1. needs

4.1.2. suitability

4.2. creates a structure for the content and determine design element

4.2.1. creative design

4.2.2. impressed audience

5. Instructional designer

5.1. assess educational needs and design and evaluate lessons

5.1.1. Conducts needs assessment

5.1.2. Matches design to instructional needs

5.1.3. Leads effort to evaluate the program for educational effectiveness

6. Lawyer

6.1. deals with the acquisition of multimedia assets

6.1.1. copyright permission

6.1.2. payment of royalties

7. Animation and Sound engineer

7.1. good ear for voice-overs and sound effects

7.1.1. library of sounds

7.2. expert in identifying the best animation that suits the learning

7.2.1. produce the animation required

7.2.2. involved in the design