Learning Theories

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Learning Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories

1. Behaviorism

1.1. B.F. Skinner

1.1.1. Educational psychologist

1.2. Beliefs

1.2.1. Students are passive learners

1.2.2. Learning is a result of experience that leads to chage in behaviors

1.2.3. repeated behavior becomes automatic

1.2.4. Behavior can be modified by consequences positive/negative feeback rewards/punishments

1.2.5. behavior is determined by outcomes and consequences

1.3. Based On

1.3.1. behavioral changes

1.4. Measure learning

1.4.1. observing the amount of correct answers

1.4.2. students are given information and asked to repeat what was learned to the teacher

2. Constructivism

2.1. Jean Piaget

2.1.1. Educational Psychologist

2.2. Beliefs

2.2.1. Students are active learners

2.2.2. Students process information and reflect on prior expereinces Based on individual perception

2.2.3. Knowledge is gained by actively constructing new knowledge From activities, issues, and concepts

2.2.4. Self-directed learning

2.2.5. Learning process is different for every learner

2.2.6. Teacher is facilitator/observer/coach

2.3. Based On

2.3.1. Learning that Is built from reflective thinking Is actively constructed Is used to construct new knowledge/understanding

2.4. Measure Learning