Healthy Eating Initiative

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Healthy Eating Initiative by Mind Map: Healthy Eating Initiative

1. Too often students are bringing junk food to school and it is time to make a change!

2. This is a sponsored scheme and will be at no cost to parents but will require voluntary help from the local community.

3. A veggie patch will be planted in the garden of the school.

3.1. Bunnings offers all schools basic equipment, seedlings and plants to start a veggie patch.

4. All students within the school will be given the opportunity to plant some seedlings and plants.

5. Once a month students will attend a healthy cooking class in which they learn how to cook with the fresh vegetables from the patch.

5.1. What is cooked will be given to the students for lunch so they can try new healthy foods.

5.2. Students will collate their recipes to create a healthy cook book they can use at home.

6. Parents and local community members will be encouraged to donate any seedlings/ plants to improve the schools veggie patch.

7. This scheme aims to encourage students to eat more vegetables and fruit to minimise the incidence of childhood obesity.

8. During lunch and recess students will have to opportunity to work with local community members to garden the veggie patch.

8.1. Social outlet for students

9. Communities and Schools working together!

10. Everyday the students will have to eat one piece of fruit at school.

10.1. The fruit will be provided by local fruit shops or by a sponsored program.

10.2. Students who can't afford fresh produce will now have fruit to eat daily.

11. Cuttings and seedlings will be provided to students to encourage them to grow fresh produce at home.

12. Students will have a feeling of accomplishment as their veggie patch flourishes.

13. Regular upkeep of the veggie patch will encourage more physical activity for the students.

14. Environmentally Friendly!

15. Posters will be displayed around the school encouraging them to swap one piece of processed food for a fruit or veggie.

15.1. Posters will also be endorsed by local cafes and supermarkets.

16. The school canteen will only be allowed to sell 'junk food' once a month. So foods such as potato cakes, chips, dim sims, chocolates etc will be limited

16.1. Vegies, fruits, smoothies, muesli bars, yoghurt etc will be sold daily.