WHat stress?

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WHat stress? by Mind Map: WHat stress?

1. Problems

1.1. people don't know what makes them stressed

1.2. what contexts do people care about?

1.3. New node

2. Ideas

2.1. overview of stress in HCI / requirements for a stress personal informatics system

2.1.1. how to measure machine learning sensors to use? surveys chemical methods what is the 'gold standard'

2.1.2. application? (uses) product testing personal use company use on employees

2.1.3. display? (feedback) stress x context how to viz? catagories of context what context for stress? stress time series? what is the goal of the viz? how to build trust of the system? stress feedbacks compared to other feedbacks review of stress can concepts be brought in from other systems?

2.1.4. how to evaluate these systems? engagement? encourages behavior change? users trust the system? encourages self-reflection? increases self-awareness? studies/surveys to use? how much guidance does the system give you in interpreting the data? types of systems personal informatics real-time feedback

2.1.5. evaluation of some real systems. what is lacking? what is done well?

3. Questions?

3.1. New node