Six Sigma Template Map

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Theories by Mind Map: Theories

1. Philosophy of Teachnology

1.1. Philosophy of Teaching

1.1.1. personal philosophy statements important to teacher

1.1.2. portfolio display of teaching methods display identity

1.1.3. foundation of learning encourage learning encourage Independence

1.2. Use of Technology

1.2.1. technology as a teaching tool Shift to teaming and collaboration and project based learning

1.2.2. basic blogging developing student identity

1.2.3. variety increases brain activity


2.1. Content

2.1.1. The subject being taught Be familiar with the curriculum and knowledgeable on subject area

2.2. Pedagogy

2.2.1. How to teach Develop activities in which students have more interaction with content

2.3. Technology

2.3.1. technology integration Support what you are already teaching by putting it online. Adds value for students to come to school.