Automatic Data Capture

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Automatic Data Capture by Mind Map: Automatic Data Capture

1. Barcode Reader

1.1. Used in a shop at the till so people know how much an item is.

1.2. Uses a red lazer to scan the barcode.

1.3. The black and white parts of the barcode reflaet the light differently so the scanner sends the information to the computer.

1.4. Used in a library for book numbers.

2. MICR(Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

2.1. Banks use it to read the numbers at the bottom of cheques.

2.2. The number at the bottom of cheques is written in ink with iron particles. This allows it to reat it.

2.3. The number is read using a Magnetic Ink Character Reader (MICR)

3. OMR(Optical Mark Reader)

3.1. A OMR reads pencil marks that are in a spesific place.

3.2. Used for marking answer grids in the 11+

3.3. Used for reading national lottery ticket selections.

3.4. It knows where the mark is by measuring the reflected light.

3.5. It then interprets the pattern and sends it to the computer.

3.6. It is very fast and very accurate.

3.7. It is good for processing lots of data.

4. OCR(Optical Character Recognition)

4.1. It allows a computer to find characters.

4.2. It has a scanner and some specialist software.

4.3. The scanner scans the text and sends it to the computer.

4.4. The software examines it and converts it

4.5. Anything scanned with OCR needsa checking as it can sometimes misread letters.

4.6. It is used to read post codes on letters and postcards

5. Speech Recognition

5.1. The person talks into a microphone

5.2. The computer listens to it and then translates it into words and phrases.

5.3. This process happens immediately so they will appear on the screen as soon as you say them.

5.4. It sometimes needs training to recognise your voice.

5.5. After that, it is very easy to use.