Data capture

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Data capture by Mind Map: Data capture

1. Barcode reader

1.1. Scans using red flash light

1.2. Tells you the item you have scanned and how much it costs

1.3. Used in shops, libraries and warehouses


2.1. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

2.2. Reads codes on cheques

2.3. The codes on the cheques is made from a material called iron ink

3. OMR

3.1. Optical Mark Reader

3.2. Used for carefully placing pencil marks on a spicial designed form or document

3.3. It puts the pencil marks on correcting things like exam papers and lottery tickets

4. OCR

4.1. Optical Character Recognition

4.2. Used to scan text from a document onto the computer

4.3. To scan the letters accuritly, it depends on how clear and neat it is

5. Speech Recognition

5.1. The user talks into a microphone

5.2. It listens to the user and puts it in text

5.3. It then displays the text onto the monitor

5.3.1. New node


6.1. Radio-Frequency Identification

6.2. Use of wireless non-contact system

6.3. Transfers data from a tag attached to an object