Automatic data capture

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Automatic data capture by Mind Map: Automatic data capture

1. Reads the reflection of the bars and numbers and converts them into Binary code.

2. Speech Recognition

2.1. Goals

2.1.1. Goal 1

2.1.2. Goal 2

2.2. Rules

2.2.1. Session Rule 1

2.2.2. Session Rule 2

2.3. Define Problems

2.4. Capture Ideas

2.5. Prioritize Ideas

2.6. Define Action Points

2.7. The computer connects to the microphone and translates the words and phrases to binary to understand

3. Barcode Reader

4. MICR Magnetic Ink Charecter Recognition

4.1. The particles in the ink used to write out the check have iron in them to which they can only be recognised by the MICR machine.

5. OMR Optical Mark Reader

5.1. When a sheet with marks on it made most commonly by pencil. It then reads the reflection from the pencil.

5.2. Most comanly used for test and questionare marking

6. OCR Opticle Character Recognition

6.1. When you scan a document OCR software reads and translates it onto your monitor