The Black Self

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The Black Self by Mind Map: The Black Self

1. Historical - Social Schema

1.1. Largely conceptualized by social an political considerations

1.2. Refers to the main concepts of Sartre

1.2.1. The "Bad Faith"

1.2.2. The "Other" In the end, the concept of "Other" is biased, because the White Man is also the "Master

1.2.3. The escape from "Bad Faith" in "The Great Human Streams" This is inaccessable for the black man The self image becomes a 3rd person It also becomes TRIPLE: Isolation

1.3. Ways to escape

1.3.1. The concept of Rhythm The most natural state of man: breathing, heartbeat, etc. The closest to nature and earth Mythical, Magical and Mystical Lost by the White Man White men looks to the Black as a reminder of what it is like to be humans But this is more of a fallacy. It also means the black man is a savage, uncivilized man.

1.3.2. Concept of Civilization Found in the ancient history of the African kingdoms Africans WERE civilized even before the Europeans came But also turns to fallacy because the White Man claims that the black is only reminiscing the past to justify their existence. In the end they just want to be like the White Man. They are STILL the Other (inferior).

2. Body Schema

2.1. Physical existence in the spatial and temporal reality

2.2. The skin is black - biological, definite and unchanging

2.2.1. This is unlike Jews - Jews could 'hide' in their body schema

2.3. The ways to escape:

2.3.1. Biological

2.3.2. Intellectual