Malone's Character

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Malone's Character by Mind Map: Malone's Character

1. Athletic

1.1. National rugby player for Ireland

1.1.1. scored a try

2. Friendly

2.1. McArdle said that he's an easy guy to get along with

2.1.1. Said he has a good chance with Challenger

2.2. Doesn't get in arguments, tries to stop quarrels between Summerlee and Challenger

3. Brave

3.1. Went into a collapsing mine to save people

3.2. Passed Roxton's test

3.2.1. Agreed to give ailing man medicine although he had a gun ready to shoot

4. Curious

4.1. Went out on adventure to the lake to explore the rest of the land

5. Humble

5.1. Didn't boast about the mine story

5.2. Does not brag about his rugby accomplishments

6. Aims to win Gladys' love

6.1. Goes on expedition to do something 'brave'.

6.2. Wanted to go alone to explore the lake hoping that eventually Gladys would find out about this brave act.

7. Driven/Motivated

7.1. Creates his own luck

7.1.1. Asks Gladys what she wants from him and says he'll do it

7.2. Smart in getting what he wants

7.2.1. Gets assaulted by Challenger, but tells policeman that it was his fault, so he kept his opportunity to talk to Challenger