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Heat Transfer by Mind Map: Heat Transfer

1. ConVection

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. from high to low temperature

1.1.2. flow of heat

1.1.3. with movement of fluid as a whole

1.2. Medium

1.2.1. in fluids (liquids and gases)

1.3. Convection Current (Flow)

1.3.1. Hot air rises Expands so less dense

1.3.2. Cold air sinks More dense

2. Conduction (Contact)

2.1. Definition

2.1.1. flow of heat

2.1.2. high to low temperature

2.1.3. without movement of matter as a whole

2.1.4. energy transferred by particle collisions

2.2. Medium

2.2.1. Solids - best conductors because particles joined together Good conductor Metals because of free electrons Bad conductors (Insulators) Air Foam, expanded polystyrene, jablo, feathers etc. - all trap air so very good insulators

2.2.2. Gases - worst conductors as particles are far apart

3. Radiation (colours)

3.1. Definiton

3.1.1. Flow of heat

3.1.2. From high to low temperature

3.1.3. by electromagnetic waves

3.2. Medium

3.2.1. Solids, Liquids and Gases

3.2.2. Passes through a vacuum (no air)

3.3. Colours

3.3.1. Matt Black - best absorber and emiitter

3.3.2. Shiny Silver - worst absorber and emitter - very good reflector