Content-based instruction

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Content-based instruction by Mind Map: Content-based instruction

1. Is an effective method of combining language and content learning Method of language instruction in which content and language are integrated instead of focusing on language forms, the curriculum in this method is based on content.

2. Approach

2.1. People learn a second language more successfully when they use the language as a means of acquiring information. This assumption reflects one of the motivations for CBI noted earlier that it leads to more effective language learning.

2.2. It better reflect learners needs for learning a second language. Many ESL, EFL programs focus on preparing students for academic studies or for mainstreaming.

3. Objectives

3.1. In CBI, the language is second to learning the content. The objectives relate to the content, not to the language.

4. Syllabus

4.1. The syllabus comes from the content. However it is common for a topical syllabus to be used in theme-based CBI.

5. Types of Learning and teaching activities

5.1. Language skills improvement

5.2. Vocabulary building

5.3. Discourse organization

5.4. Communicative interaction

5.5. Study skills

5.6. Synthesis of content materials and grammar

6. Learner's role

6.1. - Become autonomous - Support each other - Active interpreters of input - Willing to explore alternative learning strategies and sources of content - Have a learn by doing attitude

7. Teacher's role

7.1. - Be able to draw out that knowledge from students - A good language teacher - Knowledgeable in the subject matter

8. Type of classes

8.1. Sheltered content instruction

8.2. Adjunct language instruction

8.3. Team teach approach