Computer Processor

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Computer Processor by Mind Map: Computer Processor

1. Keyboard

1.1. Used to enter alpha numeric information

1.2. Use teaches word processing and spreadsheets

1.3. Easier for more advanced users who can type

2. Mouse

2.1. Used to point and click on screen image

2.2. Use Teaches navigation of GUI and games

2.3. Easy for young children and advanced users

3. Scanner

3.1. Used to convert printed images to digital

3.2. Use Teaches graphics manipulation

3.3. Can be used by beginning and advanced users

4. Monitor

4.1. Dispays the User Interface of a Compter program

5. Printer

5.1. Produce printed page of words or graphics

6. Projector

6.1. Enlarges the monitor or program displays

7. Input Devices

8. Output Devices