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Malone by Mind Map: Malone

1. Dynamic

1.1. beginning

1.1.1. mundane journalist

1.1.2. just want to accomplish jobs

1.2. middle

1.2.1. changing opens himself up new character arises braver more confident

1.3. end

1.3.1. self-satisfied yearning for more adventure moved on past Gladys

2. Round

2.1. modest

2.1.1. doesn't see himself as brave cave

2.1.2. rugby team

2.2. adventurous

2.2.1. goes out to scout the land- the Lake wants to get to top of tree even after being frightened by ape-man

2.3. determined

2.3.1. wants to win Gladys' heart

2.3.2. hard-pressed to become a hero

2.4. brave

2.4.1. saves the professors w/ Roxton uses athletic abilities& wits

2.4.2. climbs the tree

2.4.3. goes into the mine to save people

2.5. soft

2.5.1. dumbfounded that he didn't win Gladys' heart

3. Documents entire story

3.1. keeps his word to his editor

4. Can't return to campsite w/out having something to show

4.1. Continues on walking in the dark where he could have been easily found by the ape-men and killed