What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. What I Thought Before

1.1. Physical objects made by humans

1.1.1. Electronic devices

1.2. Computers, phones, cars, televisions, speakers, video game consoles

1.3. (British Council) Science and Technology

1.4. (Corsair) PC Components

1.5. (Facebook) Cellphone and Accessories

2. Why We Need New Technologies

2.1. The world is constantly faced with new problems; new technologies help us to solve these problems

2.1.1. "DDT sprayed on local homes--there's nothing better to eliminate malaria" (Kelly, 2010). This is an example of technology being used for health and safety purposes, showing how effective it can be for solving important humanitarian issues.

2.2. Progresses society and civilization; can increase the standard of living

3. What I Think Now

3.1. The means used to create products

3.1.1. "Any practical application of knowledge or manner of completing a task" (Isman, 2012).

3.2. Human-made objects, systems, and concepts that make completing tasks and solving problems easier

3.2.1. "As a means, technology may be a method or process or device ... Or it may be complicated ... Or it may be material ... Or it may be nonmaterial. Whichever it is, it is always a means to carry out a human purpose" (Arthur, 2009, as cited in Thierer, 2014).

3.2.2. "Technology is anything useful invented by the human mind" (Kelly, 2010). Kevin Kelly's (2010) TED Talk

3.3. My ideas have changed to include the processes and cultural/environmental contexts in which products are created

3.3.1. "Socio-cultural environment as well as interactions with technological artifacts" (Isman, 2012).

3.3.2. I now know that technology also involves the organization and systems included in creating a material or nonmaterial product

3.4. (Adobe Stock) Stone Tools

3.5. (Shutterstock) Shanghai, China

3.6. (Giant Bicycles) Escape 3

3.7. "The combination of human understanding of natural laws and phenomena accumulated since ancient times to make things that fufill our needs and desires or that perform certain functions" (Karatsu, 1990, as cited in Li-Hua, 2007).

4. "Technology is not just the phones in our pockets and the laptops in our bags" (Dyer, 2009)

5. How have my ideas changed?

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