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Character map by Mind Map: Character map

1. Mattie

1.1. Protective

1.1.1. Leave her alone. (p.123)

1.1.2. Will she understand I couldn't take her with me if I didn't know where I was going? (p.143)

1.2. Defiant

1.2.1. I know how to march. (p.78)

1.2.2. I don't know what you are looking for. (p.122)

1.3. Brave

1.3.1. The fact that she can escape the school alone. (p.142)

1.3.2. Mattie, who is older and braver than I am, Mattie, who is not afraid of anything(...) (p.9)

1.4. Tenacious

1.4.1. I do not mind missing supper. I do not mind being in trouble. But Gracie is not as strong as I am. So I have to be strong for both of us. (p.82)

1.4.2. Mattie is smart and strong. Don't worry. She will be safe. (p.154)

1.5. She is also strong willed/tenacious, stubborn, bossy, courageous/brave and honest.

2. Sarah

2.1. Inattentive

2.1.1. I have lost my place. (p.38)

2.1.2. Sarah! Please pay attention. (p.134)

2.2. Self-controled

2.2.1. I will not cry. (p.51)

2.2.2. I am no longer a child who can cry for her mother. I must remember that I am now a woman. (p.99)

2.3. Anxious

2.3.1. But I am not a woman; I am not a woman because I cried and cried like a little child. (p.94)

2.3.2. I can only think abour Mattie, who, for three days, has not been allowed to go to her classes. (p.134)

2.4. Affectionnate

2.4.1. The fact that she brings food for Mattie. (p.196-197

2.4.2. My heart says to break rank and snatch the stick out of Mrs. Dwyer's hand and save my sister. (p.78

3. Miss Dwyer

3.1. Brutal

3.1.1. (...)Mrs. Dwyer crosses the room to where Mattie stands and pauses for only a moment before a loud crack echoes as she smacks her stick across my sister's face. (p.122)

3.2. Elitist

3.2.1. She brushed past me, muttering something about Indians notknowing the difference between truth and lying(...). (p.101)

3.3. She is also, harsh(p.42), severe, insensitive and threatening(intended to menace)

4. Miss Weston

4.1. Caring

4.1.1. The fact that Miss Weston helped Mattie. (p.205-208)

4.2. Compassionate

4.2.1. I miss her, too. (...) Mattie is smart and strong. Don't worry. She will be safe. (p.154)

5. Ida

5.1. Condident

5.1.1. I don't care who likes me. (...) her voice strong and confident. (p.118-119)

5.2. Controling

5.2.1. When Mrs.Dwyer makes me captain, your sister better cooperate more and have a better attitude, or she will be in serious trouble. (...) Ida is even bossier than Mattie. (p.66)

5.3. She is also bossy, arrogant and proud.

6. Mr. Davis

6.1. Compassionate

6.1.1. The fact that he is helping Sarah. (p.199)

6.2. Natural

6.2.1. I'm just Davis. Dere ain't never a Mister Davis in my family. Not ever. And then he laughed quietly and shook his head from side to side, and I wondered what I had said, what I could have said that amused him so. (p.42)

6.3. He is also friendly