Propositions for ICH meeting guest speakers

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Propositions for ICH meeting guest speakers by Mind Map: Propositions for ICH meeting guest speakers

1. topics and/or people of interest

1.1. People interested in the application of our research

1.1.1. Health Promotion Switzerland

1.1.2. a medical Doctor

1.1.3. Swiss Office for Public Health

1.2. eHealth

1.2.1. eHealth GENERAL Prof. Gunther Eysenbach (Toronto, Canada & Germany)

1.2.2. eHealth & self-management of chronic diseases Prof. Kate Lorig (Stanford, USA)

1.2.3. eHealth & intelligent systems (AI) Prof. Giuseppe Carenini (University of British Columbia, Canada & Italy) Prof. Floriana Grasso (University of Liverpool, UK & Italy)

1.3. Mixed methods

1.4. New node

1.5. People who are great Health Communication scholars in a variety of areas

1.5.1. Prof. Leslie Snyder, PhD, UConn, USA

1.5.2. Prof. Seth Noar, PhD, Univ. Kentucky, USA

1.5.3. Prof. Ed Maibach, PhD, Center for Climate Change Communication, George Mason Univ, USA

1.5.4. Prof. Johannes Brug, PhD, Nederlands

1.5.5. Christopher Armitage, PhD, University of Sheffield

1.6. New node

1.7. New node

1.8. New node

2. Rules:

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2.2. 1. add up to 3 topics or people of interest

3. Areas of Health Comm

3.1. Interpersonal communication

3.2. New node

3.3. Mass Communication