Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5

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Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5

1. Chapter 4: No Time for Childhood


1.1.1. Houses, like orphanages, for street children

1.1.2. Treated the children badly

1.2. Street Children

1.2.1. Many children live on the streets

1.2.2. Extremely vulnerable to physical assault

1.2.3. Horrible living conditions

1.2.4. Nobody to take care of them but other children

1.3. Class Division

1.3.1. Children do not want to live the way their parents do

1.3.2. Idolizing the Middle and Upper Class lifestyles

1.3.3. The rich led the "good life"

1.3.4. Inner cities allow the children to see the different lifestyles of the classes

1.4. Urban Violence

1.4.1. Street kids are subject to violence

1.4.2. Recruited for "dirty work" from the gangs

1.4.3. Are subject to illegal activities because they will get a lesser or restricted sentence because of their young age

2. Chapter 5: State Terror, Gangs, and Everyday Violence

2.1. State Terror

2.1.1. Fear of crime

2.1.2. Instead of a consolidated democracy, Brazil has "elitist liberalism"

2.2. Gangs

2.2.1. Run the country Some gangs work with the government and never get in trouble because police are on their payroll Handle the drugs throughout Brazil Can do things that the police cannot

2.2.2. Have a seen of appeal for children Money Power Escape from poverty life and the streets A sense of a family for street children

2.3. Violence

2.3.1. Different for the different classes, races, and sexes for each person

2.3.2. The violence depends on what gang is running the country now