Goldstein Chapters 4&5

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Goldstein Chapters 4&5 by Mind Map: Goldstein Chapters 4&5

1. Chapter 5

1.1. Crime and Violence

1.1.1. Rio de Janeiro a place of extremes

1.1.2. "talk of crime"

1.1.3. daily violence differs over different class, race, gender, and location

1.2. Gangs

1.2.1. at first had a naive view

1.2.2. seductive quality

1.2.3. drug trafficing

1.2.4. stratgey to stay out of sight

1.3. Drug-Trafficing

1.3.1. Boca De Fumo

1.3.2. distribution of marijuana and cocaine

1.3.3. drug cheifs important local figures

1.3.4. between 1991-1998 relativley calm resulted from power struggles

1.4. "Police Bandits"

1.4.1. residents confused about who carried out murders

1.4.2. no local base of crime

1.4.3. lack of organization

1.4.4. captures the sentiment that what is taken for granted about police is their absolute coruption

1.5. Revenge Practices

1.5.1. revenge is a stand-in for legal system

1.5.2. many police work during off hours

1.5.3. "private matters"

1.6. Solution of Private matters

1.6.1. sexual abuse

1.6.2. adultery

1.6.3. gun control

1.6.4. rape

1.7. Women, oppositional culture, and religous conversion

1.7.1. Filomena experienced awakening of religious feelings

1.7.2. Pentecostal temples located in the poorest neighborhoods

1.7.3. oppositional culture

1.7.4. church have positive affect of black self esteem

2. Chapter 4

2.1. Visit with pedro and Paulo

2.1.1. visit in Ilha Grande Prison

2.1.2. visitors stayed the night with prisonors

2.1.3. upon release pedro went back to his gang

2.1.4. Gloria's firstborn son

2.2. The Killing streets

2.2.1. higher walls for protection

2.2.2. "Dead End Kids"

2.2.3. Candelaria Killings

2.3. Home, Street, and Institutionalizing Children

2.3.1. the film Pixote

2.3.2. children are increasingly important

2.3.3. "nurtered" or "nurturing" children

2.3.4. home and street also applies to relationships

2.4. Mirelli's Story

2.4.1. Gloria's Goddaughter

2.4.2. her story highlights a number of themes in the book

2.4.3. her father lost her mother in a card game

2.4.4. both parents unstable

2.4.5. lived mostly on the street

2.4.6. no real childhood

2.5. Luca's Story

2.5.1. Establish Project Administration Procedures

2.5.2. "child circulation" case

2.5.3. although Gloria was already poor with 8 kids living at home luca came to live with her

2.6. Throwing out on the streets

2.6.1. Gloria just as likely to throw a child out on th streets as she is to adopt one

2.6.2. Filomena "A Falecida Dois"

2.6.3. preexisting relationships play a big role

2.6.4. Marta's case

2.6.5. Gloria felt she needed to get her in the rythm

2.7. The "protection" of children

2.7.1. harsh disipline

2.7.2. Review Initiation Stage Assessment

2.7.3. keep children in line will protect from prison and staying alive