Revolution model of Crane Brinton with its stages

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Revolution model of Crane Brinton with its stages by Mind Map: Revolution model of Crane Brinton with its stages

1. Stages

1.1. Phase One-Preliminary Stage Symptoms

1.1.1. Economically weak

1.1.2. Politicallyweak

1.1.3. Intellectuals desert

1.1.4. Class antagonism

1.2. Phase Two First Stage Symptoms

1.2.1. Financial breakdown

1.2.2. Symbolic actions/Dramatic events

1.2.3. Role of force

1.2.4. Dual sovereignty

1.2.5. Moderates attain power

1.3. Phase Three- Crisis Stage Symptoms

1.3.1. Radicals take control

1.3.2. War (civil and foreign)

1.3.3. Centralication of power in a Revolutionary Council Dominated by Strong Man

1.3.4. Terror and virtue

1.4. Phase Four Recovery Stage Symptoms

1.4.1. Slow, Uneven Return to Quieter Times

1.4.2. Rule by a Tyrant

1.4.3. Radicals Repressed; moderates gain amnesty

1.4.4. Aggressive Nationalism

2. French Revolution - Stages Crane Brinton

2.1. Brintons model

2.1.1. Men sometimes say something but have different actions.

2.1.2. War (Civil and foreign)

2.2. French revolution

2.2.1. Napoleon Bonaparte made many promises that he never kept

2.2.2. In the development of the French Revolution a conflict broke out between: Danton, Marat and De Gouges which sparked a war