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Matter by Mind Map: Matter

1. EX: size, shape, color, density, melting point, boiling point, transperency, brittleness, ductility, elaticty, density, malleabiltiy, odor, texture, viscosity, density, luster, hardness

2. Chemical Properites

2.1. Characteristics of a substance that indicates whether it can undergo a certain chemical change

3. Chemical Change

3.1. Transforms one type of matter into another kind, which may have different properties and can't change back

3.2. heat, cooling, or formation of bubbles or solids in a liquid are helful indicators that a chemical raction is taking place

3.3. Law of Conservation of Mass

3.3.1. mass of substance that are present before a chemical change equals the mass of all the subsrances that remain after the chemical change . + chemical change

4. Physical Change

4.1. Change in shape, size, or state of matter; might involve energy change but identity of the element or compound does not change

4.2. Distilation: process of seperating substance in a mixture by evaporating liquid and recondensing its vapor

4.2.1. .

4.3. Centrifuge: separation by density spins and most dense particles move furthest from center of roation

4.3.1. .

5. Physical properties

5.1. characteristics of a substance that you can observe or measure without changing the compostion of the substance

5.2. Ductile: ability to be rolled into a wire

5.3. Malleable: ability to be rolled flat

5.4. viscosity: inability to flow

5.4.1. .

5.5. Luster: high luster= shiny object

5.6. hardness: resists changing shape under force

5.6.1. Moh's scale of hardness

5.7. Physical properties to seperate

5.7.1. Magnetic seperation

6. Mixture

6.1. Homogeneous

6.1.1. Contains two or more gaseous, liquid, or solid substances EVENLY blended throughout

6.1.2. solution

6.1.3. Vinegar

6.1.4. Soda

6.1.5. Coloid Mixtures that have components that have larger particles than the solution but won't settle Jello Fog Tyndall Effect To tell if a liquid is a colloid: pass a beam of light through it, if its a colloid then the light beam will scatter because the particles in the colloid are large enough to scatter light

6.1.6. suspension Het. mixture containing a liquid in which visible particles settle Chocolate Milk .

6.2. Made up of two or more substances that can be separated by physical means

6.3. Heterogeneous

6.3.1. A mixture in which you can easily see the different materials

6.3.2. Salad Dressing

6.3.3. Granite

7. Pure substances

7.1. Element

7.1.1. all atoms of same substance have the same identtiy

7.1.2. Potassium K

7.1.3. Helium He

7.2. type of matter with a fixed compostion

7.3. Compound

7.3.1. Two or elements combined in a fixed proportion

7.3.2. Water H2O

7.3.3. Salt NaCl