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Purpose by Mind Map: Purpose
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Inductive Review verses Ask questions Use analogies Application: Tie everything back to what has God given you that you can use for him today?


God Created Us

We've sinned

Jesus Died for our sins

We can enter God's presence after death if we accept the gift of Salvation from Jesus

The Bible is the inspired, inerrant word of God.

What are God’s specific plans for you?

Plans for Good

What is the Purpose of life?

Glorify God

How do you find your purpose?

Proverbs 22:6

What do these verses say to you about your talents and gifts?

Everyone has something creative to give to God

What do these verses tell you about how to use your talents and gifts?

Service to the many leads to greatness

What is required to be on purpose?

Autonomy, Mastery and Character

Alignment of Body, Mind and Spirit (heart, mind and will)

Potential, Passion, Profits


The Purpose of life is to glorify God and we each have unique talents(gifts) that we can contribute today to serve others.

Service of many leads to greatness

Isaiah 43:7

Definition of Purpose




What does Jesus identify as our purpose as Christians?

The importance of prioritizing Purpose



The purpose of The Monday Knights’ “Resolutions for Life” Bible study is to explore 13 Biblical principles to their extremes with the aim of applying them to our daily lives and with the utmost goal of glorifying God.

Our belief is that the Bible is not a rule book for how to get into heaven. Instead it is a How-To-Guide for how to live a fulfilling life of purpose. The aim is to draw out our faith in God by showing how his word already includes the timeless principles that give us a "plum line" or foundation on which to base all decisions.