Grade 1 Host Country Week 2010

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Grade 1 Host Country Week 2010 by Mind Map: Grade 1 Host Country Week 2010

1. Suggestions

1.1. Keep it the same as last year (activity wise) but modify according to reflections)

1.2. Beijing Playhouse - simplify, reduce time for introduction

1.3. Perhaps an afternoon could be a visit to the Olympic green - this could be done after the Homes Park?

1.4. Cameras were a good activity, but with 4 classes it may be easier to get the children to take the camera home after to develop the film on their own. Students choose the best photo and present it orally.

2. Chinese Food

2.1. Loft Noodle Making

2.1.1. Fewer dishes and no sodas please

2.1.2. Choose less spicy dishes - many kids thought the food was too spicy for them

2.2. Hutong - Jiaozi making

2.3. Beijing Duck

2.3.1. Too many dishes! Use sidewalk to walk from bus to restaurant.

2.3.2. Duck restaurant (Xiao Wang Fu) - maybe next year we could go to the one inside Ritan park and the kids can have a walk around afterwards

3. Themes

3.1. We could incorporate a PYP attitude or profile each day

4. Activities

4.1. The Hutong

4.1.1. Well organised, kids loved it.

4.2. Homes Park

4.2.1. Find a better place to eat lunch.

4.3. Happy Land - but include introductions to explain how it is linked to Chinese culture

4.4. Chinese games - make sure each group has time for the jianzi and the chinese yoyo

4.5. Chinese movie in the theatre - great but need to shorten the amount of time

4.6. On some days in the afternoon, students could spend time writing a reflection in their journal.

4.7. Swimming - kids enjoyed this, well organized relays