Grade 5 Host Country Week 2010

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Grade 5 Host Country Week 2010 by Mind Map: Grade 5 Host Country Week 2010

1. Suggestions

1.1. Eugene: Any place that can offer cultural/artistic exposure to the children. Any opportunities for working/speaking with other children elsewhere.

2. Themes

2.1. Eugene: I would like the HCW to in as many ways as possible, to be supporting the PYP Exhibition. Hence, I am suggesting that this be kind of like a learning journey, with the opportunity for first hand observations (primary resources) and data collection, interviews, etc. As the PYP Exhibition 09/10 will be under the theme How We Express Ourselves, it would be great if we plan something that includes folkart, visiting artistes or have them conduct workshops, etc. with the focus on experimenting with different medium to express problems faced by children of today.

3. Activities

3.1. Eugene

3.1.1. Art Workshop

3.1.2. Drama workshop

3.1.3. Visiting artistes, artisans

3.1.4. Looking at handicrafts

3.1.5. Dance

4. Timing

4.1. Eugene: In order for it to better support the PYP Exhibition, the HCW for Grade 5 could be planned a slightly different time from the rest of the grades. It will not impact too much on the other Grade Levels if we involve only the 3 homeroom trs + 1 ESOL tr + PYP Coordinator + TA + Jason Li (which would already be 7 adults).

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