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Sleep and Dreams by Mind Map: Sleep and Dreams
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Sleep and Dreams


Dual Processing

Conscious Awarness

Unconscious thinking, Subconscious processes, Unconscious processes

Selective Attention


Biological Rhythms


Hormone levels

Blood Pressure


Jet Lag

Endogenous (Internal)

Circadian Rhythms

24 Hour cycle

Internal desynchronization

Rhythms of Sleep (90 minutes)

Stage 1: Alpha waves

Stage 2: Sleep Spindles

Stage 3: Slowed pulse & breathing

Stage 4: Delta waves



Aroused State

Vivid Dreaming

20 minutes per cycle

More as Sleep progresses

Body paralysis

Why We Sleep

Cultural Biological influence

Genetically influenced

Culturally influenced

Recovery time

Replenish body

Removes waste

Consolidate memories

Different for different ages

Babies need most

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Reduced Productivity, Mistakes, Less Concentration, Slower Mental Functioning

Gain Weight, Ghrelin (fat producing) increased, Leptin (fat burning) decreased, Cortisol (fat hormone) increases w/ stress

Immune cells suppressed

Aging signs (Act elderly), Irritable, Loss of memory, Slowed Performance, Slowed Reaction times

Dangerous to operate Heavy Machinery

Sleep Theories


Evolutionary - safer to sleep in dark


Rest & restore brain tissue

Consolidation of Memories

Creative Thinking

Dreams inspire innovation


Pituitary gland releases growth hormones

Sleep Disorders

Insomnia: Can't Fall asleep

Only problem if recurring

Caused by stress & other brain activity

Apnea: Breathing disruption

Causes high blood pressure & obesity

Narcolepsy: randomly fall into deep sleep

Night Terrors

Sleep Walking & talking

REM Behavior Disorder

What & Why We Dream

Negative Events

Environmental stimuli

Freud's Theory

Unconscious wishes

Neural pathways developed

Activation synthesis tehory

REM Rebound