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Sleep and Dreams by Mind Map: Sleep and Dreams
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Sleep and Dreams


Dual Processing

Selective Attention

Biological Rhythms



Endogenous (Internal)

Circadian Rhythms

Rhythms of Sleep (90 minutes)


Aroused State

20 minutes per cycle

Body paralysis

Why We Sleep

Cultural Biological influence

Recovery time

Different for different ages

Consequences of Sleep Deprivation

Sleep Theories



Consolidation of Memories

Creative Thinking


Sleep Disorders

Insomnia: Can't Fall asleep

Apnea: Breathing disruption

Narcolepsy: randomly fall into deep sleep

Night Terrors

Sleep Walking & talking

REM Behavior Disorder

What & Why We Dream

Negative Events

Environmental stimuli

Freud's Theory

Neural pathways developed

Activation synthesis tehory

REM Rebound