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A changing ICT curriculum landscape -Exploring Education Futures Theo Kuechel by Mind Map: A changing ICT curriculum landscape -Exploring Education Futures                 Theo Kuechel
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A changing ICT curriculum landscape -Exploring Education Futures Theo Kuechel

We need to develop technological ecosystem

A strand of education that is about building and making things

Computational / design thinking

from the outset




Describe defining terms

Digital Literacy

no reference to games or gaming in entire document

Which underpinning learning theories would you recommend?


In the back of my mind is an emerging idea about a 'theory' of 'no-learning'. It's linked to the idea that we need to differentiate formal education and schooling from learning but we talk as if these are the same. One issue therefore is the extent to which the underlying rhetoric of such 'theories' as 'seamless learning' or 'edgless education' is a subtle form of intellectual imperialism, attempting to formalise (or appropriate) the informal. We need to careful in our theorising about education that we leave room for all that important off-stage learning.

information transmission

What kind of ICT curriculum will embrace your definition of Education Futures? (teachers perspective)

Computer science

Information technology

Digital Literacy

Definition of Education Future

a radical overhaul of school structure to meet digital literacy

more personalisation

Spaces and Places

What is your evidence?

eg. The evidence for wikipedia is irrefutable

there is masses of evidence on motivation through management research (Hertzberg McLelland, Mazlow,) We should study what motivates people - therefor getting a a computer scientist to decide what motivate a 12 year old may not be a good idea.

we need more educational evidence on what works

Sesame street empirical research completely countered what all the educational experts told them,

What is your advice to policy makers?

Listen to stakeholders

teacher development

integrate digital literacy as a requirement of ITT course

If you want this policy to be successful you will need to make some fundamental changes to policy - including league tables / assessment /

measure acheivement by results and outcomes - as in the real world

no emphasis in school curriculum on the innovation / entrepreneurship that Government pay lip service to - see Practice what you preach

Provide leadership by example (practice what you preach) - the example should start from the top (Minister, DFE Universities).

Background reading

‘Innovating Pedagogy 2012’ report is to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. Professor Mike Sharples, Open University,


see Donald Clark on leanring theories