computer learning games

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computer learning games by Mind Map: computer learning games

1. Reading

1.1. mixed up letters that you have to make into words

1.2. games where you spell a word then play a game

2. Math

2.1. games where you shoot the correct answer

2.2. games where after answer a question correctly you play for a amount of time then another question comes up

3. Geography

3.1. gives you a number of states not all and gives you a capital you have to select the right one to move on.


3.2. you show highlighted areas and tell the player to select one of the areas. the game keeps track of how many times you hit the wrong one a after a amount of time gives you a hint.

4. History

4.1. show them how they did things in that time period


4.2. show them videos of the past


4.3. jeopardy style


4.4. trivia