Legal Persons

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Legal Persons by Mind Map: Legal Persons

1. juristic persons (juristic persona)

1.1. rights

1.1.1. basic rights

1.1.2. political parties duties

1.2. duties

2. natural persons (persona naturdia)

2.1. rights

2.1.1. freedom of religion

2.1.2. right to have a fair trial equality

2.1.3. freedom of speech telecommunications

2.1.4. right to vote

2.1.5. right to run for a public office

2.1.6. right of free movement

2.1.7. right of petition

2.1.8. citizenship

2.1.9. occupational freedom

2.1.10. freedom of assembly

2.1.11. education

2.1.12. marriage and children

2.1.13. human dignity

2.2. duties

2.2.1. respect and obey the law surveillance

2.2.2. support and defend the state military service

2.2.3. be loyal to the constitution

2.2.4. respect others' rights, beliefs and opinions

2.2.5. pay taxes on time

2.2.6. serve in the army if the state needs

2.2.7. giving up one's property to the state

3. differences between natural and artificial persons

3.1. crimes

3.2. marriage

3.3. voting

3.4. running for a public office

3.5. defamation