Theoretical Perspectives

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Theoretical Perspectives by Mind Map: Theoretical Perspectives

1. Jean Piaget said that as children go through different stages of cognitive development their language skills change as well. So as a child grows so does their language skills. (Jorgensen, 2012)

2. B.F. Skinner was best known for his work in behaviorism. SKinner was an American psychologist who thought behaviorism was the basis for language development. He said that behaviorism is learning through reinforcement. A parent or caregiver can ask a child to do something and if they do it then the parent or caregiver praises them for, this is learning through reinforcement. (Jorgensen, 2012)

3. Nativist Naom Chomsky says that children are born with innate knowledge of the rules governing language. Children catch on to the rules of language very quickly therefore they can learn languages faster than adults do. (Jorgensen, 2012)

4. B.F.Skinner

5. Naom Chomsky

6. Jean Piaget

7. Interactionist

8. Jerome Bruner

9. Jerome Bruner believes that children are born wanting to communicate. They learn how to communicate through social encouragement and interactions. This innate longing to communicate also allows them to gain knowledge from communicating with the environment around them. (Jorgensen, 2012)

10. Nativist

11. Behaviorist

12. Cognitive Developmentalist

13. Jorgensen, A. (2012). Major Theories of Language Development. Retrieved from http://www.ehow/about_6469505_major-theories-language-development.html