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Curation for Learning by Mind Map: Curation for Learning
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Curation for Learning

These people know what they're talking about...

Beth Kanter

Robin Good

Harold Jarche

Howard Rheingold

Remember that...

Content Curation is not black and white

You don't have to have a clear path through all your content. It needs to be related and relevant but not "click next to continue"

It's about the audience not your Klout score

There's a gradient between aggregation and curation

How to be a good curator...

Remember the 3 Ss

Know your audience

"Be curious and passionate"

Find your format

If you look at the best users there posts are longer, they rate the content, why and how it's useful, add their own opinion, give credit where due and link to other useful relevant places -

Which tools to use?

250+ available





Remember RSS

Google Reader

Social Bookmarking

OPML Files

Why curate?

Digital Literacy

Natural evolution


Is it working?

Our site

My site

How do we decide what to scoop?


How do we promote it?