Chemical Periodicity

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Chemical Periodicity by Mind Map: Chemical Periodicity

1. Group II

1.1. Physical Properties

1.2. Chemical Properties

1.3. Types of reactions

2. Additional Questions for critical thinking 1. Deduce the trend in the third ionisation energy for the transition metals. 2. Compare the physical and chemical properties between Group I, II and transition metals based on their electronic arrangement you learnt in chapter 2 (atomic structure)? - melting and boiling point - oxidation state - reactivity 3. What are the possible reactions that occurs between different groups in the Periodic Table? Name the two groups and state the reactions that can occur between them (such as redox / ionic bonding / complexation / covalent bonding).

3. Transition elements

3.1. Physical Properties

3.2. Chemical Properties

3.3. Types of reactions

4. Group VII

4.1. Physical Properties

4.2. Chemical Properties

4.3. Types of reactions

5. Group I

5.1. Physical Properties

5.2. Chemical Properties

5.3. Types of reactions

6. Group 0

6.1. Physical Properties

6.2. Chemical Properties

6.3. Types of reactions