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FFAI Heredity by Mind Map: FFAI Heredity
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FFAI Heredity

there are lots of ways in which you can improve IQ scores on specific tests

group differences


The Bell Curve

huge political significance

basic argument

stated average IQ by race

Response: APA Task Force Report

Response: Stephen Jay Gould


does it matter?

things to think about in Germany


heritability of IQ

"nature vs nurture"

how do you measure it?

experimental data

nature vs nurture mainly refers to childhood; once you're out of your childhood, any modification of your behavior or skills become a lot harder

attitudes and assumptions about heritability of IQ

can training improve "IQ"?

why do you want a high IQ?

why do people feel so emotional about it?

history of heredity of intelligence

reasons why these topics are so sensitive

what has changed?

change of what "humanity" means

Ideas about the heredity of intelligence have a rather inglorious history and has been used in the past to justify many human rights abuses. Many of these historical issues still influence political discussions today.