Chapter three to five

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Chapter three to five by Mind Map: Chapter three to five

1. Civil war

1.1. The cause of the civil war was the difference between the south wanting slavery and the north trying to go against it. Also all the new laws acts and that we're created we're being abused and not working out in the least bit.

1.2. while the civil war was going on there was an election of the new president Abraham Lincoln. he implemented many tactics against the south to make them free the slaves. after the end if the end of the war linncoln was then shot in the head.

1.3. the reconstructuion era which lincoln had started was to help the north and the south rebuild everything that was lost in the war but due to his assassination he never finished it. after the civil war the south struggled he most because they no langer had slaves to do there work for them and also the slaves had a hard time adapting to the new freedom they had just received. they had no idea how to live there lives because they had gotten used to working all day and sleeping at night.

2. industry

2.1. the industrial era was like the second great awakening except instead of ideas and relgious believes growing, there was technology and industries growing. technology such as lights bulbs the first refridgerater and many other things. another big thing was skyscrapers and even though it looked like the nation was doing fine it still was dealing with its problems. problems such as low wages due to relgion or ethnic. some only worked to pay there months rent. some families were even forced to make here children work as young as at the age of eight.

3. immigration

3.1. most immigrants were from other countries that camme to the new nation for a better life religous freedom and jobs. industrial work was becoming big and needed new workers. they rented out homes to most of there workers and raised the rent to were they work only to pay of the rent of there homes. most made minium wage due to there region or ethnic. everyone in the family had to work just to support the family they had. most of the cities and towns were very unsanitary.