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Honesty by Mind Map: Honesty

1. Shopping

1.1. Checking change

1.1.1. Too much

1.1.2. Too little

2. Basketball

2.1. Referees

2.1.1. Telling if you hit the ball

3. School

3.1. No cheating

3.2. Going over the time limit on test

4. Friends

4.1. Lie to try and fit in

4.2. Change personality

5. To Kill a Mockingbird

5.1. Court room

5.1.1. Tom Robison tells truth

5.1.2. Bob Ewell tells lies

6. Jobs

6.1. Honest jobs tend to help people

6.2. People have jobs where they trick others

7. Crimes

7.1. Defendent sometimes lies

7.1.1. Easier sentence if they lie and the court doen't figure out they did.

8. What would yo do?

8.1. Blind Cashier

8.2. Blind getting cheated in store

8.3. Lady returning a lost check