Internet Tools Web 2.0

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Internet Tools Web 2.0 by Mind Map: Internet Tools Web 2.0

1. Blogs

1.1. web-based publication , set up a community blog to be used as your digital portfolio. e.g

1.2. Blogger

2. Digital Storytelling

2.1. photostory 3 for story making

2.2. YouTube

3. Sharing,Diggs,Recommendatio,Folksonomy

3.1. for Internet-medicated Social Activities e.g. YouTube , Google , MySpace etc.

3.2. MySpace

4. Wikis and Social Software

4.1. allow collaborative development on an article of common interest to its authors

4.2. Wikipedia

5. RSS Feeds and RISAL

5.1. contents provider or syndication in which a section of a website is made available for other sites to use

5.2. RISAL

6. Podcasting

6.1. method of distributing audio program or video over the internetfor playback on computer or mobil phone

6.1.1. , put different sources into one web page, either using RSS or Atom syndication formats

6.2. Protopage

7. API for Mashups

7.1. e.g. programmable

7.2. Weaterbonk

8. Web 2.0

8.1. Impication for Education, resources sharing and communitity plumbing of teachers and students. Emerging content design models based on data remixing, interactive visualization and new generation of LMS, content management, personal space for RSS.

8.2. Google

9. Mindmeister for mindmap

9.1. web as a platform,

9.2. mindmeister

10. Open Source

10.1. Design for hackability and remixability