Terrible Things : An Allegory of the Holocaust

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Terrible Things : An Allegory of the Holocaust by Mind Map: Terrible Things :  An Allegory of the Holocaust

1. Important Symbols and their meaning

1.1. Forest- the setting of which the story takes place

1.2. Creatures- symbolizes the people in the holocaust being forced to leave their homes and settle where ever they are taken

1.3. Shadows- symbolizes the Nazi's coming to take the creatures and take them to a undisclosed locations " terrible things"

2. Key Words and Phrases

2.1. Terrible Things

2.2. Net

2.3. Gathering

2.4. Creatures

2.5. Unwillingly

2.6. Take Away

2.7. Painful

3. Important Statements

3.1. " Little rabbit saw their terrible shadows before he saw them"

3.2. "The porcupines bristled with all their strength but the terrible things covered them with the curl of their terrible nets and the porcupines hung In them like flies in a spider web as the terrible things carried them away"

4. Reactions

4.1. The book was different I wasn't anything I was used to. The book also shows how thins and people was treated back in those days.

5. Theme Bookmark 33

5.1. Yes a character in my book does have a change in there Life's. my character was taken from their home and put in a place unwillingly

5.2. No I don't think so I think if you are stronger on the inside you need to stand up and fight for your rights

5.3. no i think everyone is smart and if they need something they would do it if they dont they wont. I think that people who are weaker than they seem dont show it until the moment they need help most.

6. Character Bookmark 7

6.1. The personality of another character can contribute to the story becuase by the rabbit telling everyone that it was a shawdow he was bold enough to try and save other people lives before his

6.2. The rabbit narrates the book. The author makes this choice because the rabbit was the first person to see the terrible things.

6.3. Telling everybody that the terrible things are coming and trying to help people hide.

6.4. If i was the rabbit i would go and hide first then tell people they were coming after i was safe.