My Media Consumption

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My Media Consumption by Mind Map: My Media Consumption

1. Music

1.1. Frank Ocean

1.2. Wavves

1.3. Kanye West & Jay Z

1.4. The XX

1.5. The Drums

1.6. Angus & Julia Stone

1.7. Tyler The Creator

1.8. Birdy

1.9. Earl Sweatshirt

1.10. Skrillex

1.11. Ellie Goulding

2. Television

2.1. Come Dine With Me

2.1.1. Im apart of both primary and secondary audiences as sometimes i choose to watch it however sometimes it just on in the background and i don't take that much notice. I think this show could be watched by any age and any gender as the content is about food and who doesn't love food? It's interesting as I get tips from watching the people prepare their food and enjoy the comedy aspect to it as its about relationships and socializing.

2.2. Dallas

2.3. The Office US

2.3.1. I'm apart of the primary audience for this because I watched some episodes online, target age would be for teenagers and young adults as its very humorous and target location would be the USA as its an American sitcom.The style of the programme is more for the older generation as its about working in an office meaning the they can relate to it more and appeals to them more. However, I am a huge fan of Steve Carrell so I started watching it for him therefore, casting does make a big impact on the programme.

2.4. X Factor/Xtra Factor

2.5. The Valleys

2.6. Glee

2.6.1. Primary audience - this is normally consumed by many teenagers however i do know of adults that watch Glee. Target location would be the USA as its an American TV show so is mainly for their viewing. I know i am apart of the target audience because the show is about high school and teenagers lives which appeal to us teenagers as we might relate to some of the content in the show meaning we want to continue watching to see what happens in the end. Casting wise, again, theyre teenagers or young adults therefore us teenagers might be attracted to some of the cast and watch for them as they might have been on other shows then come into Glee. I used to like Darren Criss and when I knew he was going into Glee I started watching it for him.

3. Interactive Media

3.1. Twitter

3.1.1. Twitter is always on a tab on Google Chrome so therefore i am apart of the primary audience. Twitter is for all ages, I am on it and even my dad. It is very diverse in that way. Its a way to socialize and have fun, therefore all ages can enjoy this.

3.2. Facebook

3.2.1. Also Facebook is always on a tab so sometimes I am apart of the primary audience. Facebook's target age is 13+ and location audience is worldwide. I am 15 years of age so I am above the age rating to be on Facebook and again its a social networking site so people can contact people and have fun. Facebook is for all ages and may appeal more to the older generation as they can find friends that they used to go to school however for the younger generation its good to keep in touch with regular friends on there.

3.3. Tumblr

3.3.1. Again Tumblr is always on a tab so I am apart of the primary audience as the age rating it 13+, so i am again above the age rating like I am for Facebook. This means that is based for teenagers.

3.4. The Sims 2

3.5. Slender

4. Film

4.1. Sinister

4.1.1. I am a part of the primary audience as I went to the cinema to go see it, the target audience would be for teenagers and young adults so they're targeting the age as its a 15+ to go see it. I know this because of the target age and many young people like scary films and the thrill of being frightened so the style of the film and content being scary appeals to the young people and casting wise, if there is a famous actor in a new film you know that the film will more or less be good as an actor would only take a job if they knew it will be produced well.

4.2. Ted

4.2.1. I am a primary audience. They target the age for this film would be between 15-25 as its very humorous. Ted is rated a 15 so its clearly designed for me and my age. However because 15 is the lowest age you can watch it at its more targeted at the older audience because some of the jokes are rude so 15 is the lowest age you would be able to watch it at so presumably the age rage for watching this would be 16/17 years plus. Casting wise, I knew that Ted was the same voice of Peter Griffin our of family guy and I instantly knew that it would be a good film as Family Guy is a really funny programme and I wanted to see more of the actors work.

4.3. Fire With Fire

4.4. Angus thongs and perfect snogging

4.4.1. Personally I love this film so I am apart of the primary audience. I think they target this film at gender and age as many boys would not watch this film as its very girly. It is for young girls/teenagers so 12-18 year olds. I am the primary audience for this film because it is targeted at teenagers and im a teenager so this is why I am the primary audience. The girl in the film is 14 years of age, similar to mine, the font suggests its targeted at teenagers because of the lipstick print at the end of the title. It is also very colourful, bright and creative. I am the primary audience because this film is about a girl who is a similar age, who goes to school and likes a boy. The content stands out for me because it's what I go through at school and I can relate to it. They style of the film is humorous however compelling, its a 'chick flick' meaning it's what girls would watch and pig out to and this entices the female audience so gender plays a big part in it too.

4.5. Juno

5. Photo Imaging

5.1. Taking images on Instagram myself

5.1.1. Im apart of the primary audience, Instagram is for all ages however particularly teenagers and young adults. Target location would be everywhere as the app is worldwide. It appeals to me as I like photography and media, therefore, Instagram is great for me to share my own photographs with people and the content is filled with loads of other peoples photographs therefore giving me ideas and motivating me to take better quality pictures.

5.2. Flickr

6. Marketing/Advertising

6.1. John Lewis advert




7. Radio

7.1. Kiss FM

7.1.1. I am apart of the primary audience as I listen to the radio on my own accord. Target age for Kiss FM would be teenagers and young adults, also depends on class as if you was a part of the SOC A you would earn a lot and you would presumably be listening to Radio 1 or news channels. Kiss FM normally plays the top 40 and the top 40 are normally songs in the pop industry meaning Kiss FM is targeted at me, the teenage audience so the content plays a big deal and the style of music appeals to the majority of the younger audience.