Start of WW1

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Start of WW1 by Mind Map: Start of WW1

1. Which event is considered to be the "spark that ignites the war?"

2. Number 4 because it dragged Germany into starting a war on Russia. They just didn't think that their alliance was fair enough.

3. Which event is an example of how allinaces can drag others into a conflict?

4. Number 1 because on June 28th, one shot sparked a world war that had the cause of death of over 9 million mens lives.

5. 1.This was the beginning of the 'End to End all Wars'. Gavrilo Princip shoots Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife.

5.1. 2.Austro- Hungary declares war on Serbia

5.1.1. 3.Russia mobilises to support Serbias 4.Germany declares war on Russia because of alliances 5.Germany declared war on France

6. Which of the events on this chart is the most important; why?

7. Number 1, when Gavrillo Princip shoot Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife, because that caused people to make alliances. Alliances caused war.